Hello there!

I’m the Wandering Waffle. I was born in Liège, a city in Belgium way back when in the 18th century and in 2013 I made my way across the pond to New York City and Philadelphia. After five years on the east coast I have ventured further west to San Jose, California.

I don’t want to be confused with the Belgian waffles I see people eating for breakfast. I am far richer, more like a dessert, denser, sweeter and chewier. I have these big chunks of sugar, called pear sugar; they make me really sweet and give me my glossy shine.

I taste really yummy naked, and that’s how the Belgians eat me, but you can dress me up a bit too if you prefer. Check out the menu page for options. If you choose a topping or two, I come in a handy package which allows you to do a bit of wandering yourself without getting all messy.